•  Overview of Services

•  Debt Financing

•  Equity Financing

•  Strategic Advisory

•  M&A Advisory


IPX Captial ("IPX") is the premier provider of financial and strategic advisory solutions to companies with core assets in Intellectual Property.

The services that IPX provides to its clients include:

  • Debt Financing through IPX's proprietary structured finance products
  • Debt Financing through traditional credit facilities
  • Equity Financing from Private Equity and Strategic Investors
  • Strategic Advisory Services including value creation and conversion to a Value Net Business Model
  • M&A Advisory Services

Providing Results Through Specialization

Drawing upon the broader global resources of the IPX team and its institutional partners and funding sources, IPX has succeeded by creatively deploying analytic methods and accessing over 40 years of cumulative intellectual property based company industry experience among our professional staff in providing financial and strategic advisory, investment banking and financial restructuring services.

Uniquely positioned to provide both quantitative and qualitative analysis, IPX consistently delivers a broad range of services and solutions to companies and individuals within its area of expertise worldwide.

Our worldwide reputation for outstanding work product is reflected in unparalleled credibility when:

  • Assessing the value of assets and securities;
  • Bridging the divide between business and capital;
  • Clarifying risk and return elements;
  • Securing a wide range of transactions within our industry concentrations; and
  • Understanding business model and other trends that effect our clients businesses

Committed to continued excellence in our areas of expertise, it is the goal of each professional in the IPX Capital team to enable our clients to maximize their potential in every manner of practice and transaction.